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Network Zone offers official Red Hat training sessions. RHCE is a foremost certification for Linux administrators who configure networking services and security on servers running a RHEL Operating System.

Network Zone offers training on the most recent Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. RHCSA is a division of RHCE and students will also be certified in RHCE and RHCSA.

RHCE covers 3 modules:

  • Red Hat System Administration I
  • Red Hat System Administration II
  • Red Hat System Administration III

Red Hat System Administration I will give a base for professionals who desire to become Linux system administrators. These concepts are further developed in the follow-on module, Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA Examination.

Red Hat System Administration II section goes deeper into enterprise Linux administration. RH135 section covers topics: partitioning and file systems, SELinux, logical volumes, troubleshooting, and firewalling.Attending both modules can assist in preparation for the EX200 examination.

Red Hat System Administration III is focused on administrating and deploying network servers running caching DNS, MariaDB, network file sharing with SMB and NFS, iSCSI initiators and targets, advanced firewalled and networking configurations, and the utilization of Bash shell scripting to aid configure, automate, and support the system.With the help of hands-on laboratories and lectures, professionals will be get exposure to all competencies enclosed by the RHCE examination EX300.

Apart from good quality training with instructors, Network Zone gives in-house testing facility for the RHCE examination. This examination will be conducted by a RH Examiner. The RHCE exam is planned on the last day of the boot camp. In case you fail the exam, we can organize a second attempt at another testing location (Network Zone will make all arrangements, although you may have to travel at an additional price).

RHCE is a difficult examination, as even professionals who have sufficient understanding sometimes abate due to time deadline. Pass rate in the first shot is 80%, and 95% in the 2nd shot. Network Zone also offers RHCE Boot Camp (2 takes). We advise that you keep a few extra days to take the 2nd attempt (if required). This way you are assured of passing the RHCE examination.

Course Contents:

  • Control services and daemons
  • Manage IPv6 networking
  • Configure link aggregation and bridging
  • Control network port security
  • Manage DNS for servers
  • Configure email delivery
  • Provide block-based storage
  • Provide file-based storage
  • Configure MariaDB databases
  • Provide Apache HTTPD web service
  • Write Bash scripts
  • Bash conditionals and control structures
  • Configure the shell environment
  • Linux containers preview
  • Comprehensive review

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