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Learn Web Development the smart way with Web Development Training Course in Dehradun

This Web Development course provides a key introduction to web development languages and techniques. Course content will focus in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP in the context of web development practices. Questions such as when should we use these languages, for what purpose and to what extent can these help us create engaging and stable websites will be covered. Also going beyond the web creation process and looking into the future, how can these languages help us manage our web pages and web sites in a user friendly and effective manner? All these questions will be answered in this course, preparing participants to take further and more confident steps into web development processes. Participants will experience how to create basic web pages, including structuring page content, apply basic formatting styles using CSS, applying JavaScripting for basic interactivity and PHP to create Dynamic and Secure Web Applications.


Course Outline

Introducing HTML5

  • Exploring prior standards
  • Why do we need HTML5?
  • HTML5 timeline
  • Current HTML5 support
  • What HTML5 is (and what it isn't)

What's New in HTML5?

  • HTML5 vs. HTML4
  • New structural tags
  • New content tags
  • New application-focused tags
  • Deprecated elements
  • API overview

Creating HTML5 Documents

  • Content models
  • Understanding the outline algorithm
  • The role of tags
  • Using ID and class attributes
  • DOCTYPE declarations
  • Character encoding

Structuring HTML5 Documents

  • Basic page structure
  • Structuring top-level elements
  • Structuring interior content
  • Building headers
  • Checking document outlines
  • Ensuring cross-browser structure

Building Forms in HTML5

  • New input types
  • Setting form autofocus
  • Using placeholder data
  • Marking required fields
  • Working with number inputs
  • Using date pickers

HTML5 API Support

  • Canvas overview
  • Adding canvas content
  • Drawing in the canvas environment
  • Drag-and-drop API overview
  • Offline applications overview
  • Video overview
  • Encoding video
  • Adding video

Java Script

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Applying JavaScript for basic interactivity
  • JavaScript Prompt
  • Creating Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
  • HTML pages and interact with the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Java Script Functions


PHP is a server side scripting language, it executes on the server and sends the HTML to your browser. Hypertext PreProcessor as it’s called is great for web development because it seamlessly integrates with HTML. Sites like FaceBook & Yahoo run PHP for their process complex calculations and database connectivity.

For developing any kind of Web-page you first need to learn HTML. For creating better user experience, you need to learn CSS & to make web page interactive, you need to learn JavaScript.

Then comes PHP, it’s the most popular server side scripting language. To help PHP with the database, there is MySQL. PHP along with MySQL creates a great combination which has made a drastic impact in the world of data-driven web sites.

The course is started with HTML training, then Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is taught to you to handle styles. JavaScript is introduced once you learn to design simple web pages with HTML. After you have gained some proficiency on rendering web pages, PHP developer training is introduced. And since a database is required, MySQL is topped up to finish the course.

Course goals

  • You can design Web Pages using HTML, CSS
  • You can use JavaScript to make the page interactive
  • You can make web pages dynamic using PHP
  • You can integrate MySQL with PHP and make database connectivity

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